Dec 13th 2015

Drawing us together in a connected world

Drawing us together in a connected world

 The advent of various forms of social media in this rapidly changing world of technology has always fascinated me. For somebody who is of a vintage that remembers handwriting a rough draft of an essay in high school it is quite a revelation.  Technology is a big part of our life now, for good or bad, and often with some distractions


While I primarily use social media professionally, a milestone birthday has reminded me of the most important role of social media; its power to connect us to each other in a remarkable way. Certainly at the age of 50 it does make one pause for a little reflection.  A glance at the daily horoscope provides one view



As I sifted through all of the well wishes I essentially was provided with a timeline for my life.  From those that I grew up with in Bowmanville through the years my family lived in Timmins and further on into university, med school and finally an ongoing twenty-year career. It is a humble reminder of a blessed life, greatly enriched by the people I have come across over the years.  


To get to this point happy and healthy really makes me feel quite lucky. My three kids are thriving and I love my wife dearly. My career has allowed me the incredible experience of caring for so many courageous people.  


I hope to see many more sunsets such as this one off the Florida coast this weekend




If it is indeed the back nine that I am heading onto as one of my oldest friends Andy Smith suggests, I intend to bring out the biggest possible driver I can find!






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