May 3rd 2015

Grand Slam in Support of TEGH coming soon

Grand Slam in Support of TEGH coming soon

As the weather warms up after a particularly long winter the privilege of being able to live in Canada always comes back into focus. I would not want to miss the opportunity to experience four distinct seasons.   The annual re-emergence of the garden always strikes me as a minor miracle. (Although, I could do without the misery of allergies). Along with the warmer weather, attention in these parts usually drifts towards baseball. (The local hockey team always ensures that happens). With the Blue Jays only a month into the season, life is good.


Living in Canada also brings with it a realization that we are lucky. Canada is a generally prosperous, peaceful country with stable (though perhaps a little meaner) government. Canadians are very aware of this and have always given to our public institutions in a spirited way. In 2010 Canadians gave $2.1billion dollars to hospitals and the public health sector


The TEGH Grand Slam event is an opportunity to combine a love for baseball in support of the institution that has partnered with me for almost 20 years to care for my patients. It is a special place. The proceeds for this event, which was moved from October in anticipation of better weather, will support child and mental health services at TEGH.   I previously wrote about this event and its inspiration, Jake Eliopolous. It is worth another read. Jake was a professional baseball player who took his life far too soon. The  letter his father wrote to his son at his funeral is heartbreaking.  It is a very easy cause to support and many baseball and sports celebrities will help us meet our goal. Canadian women's hockey icon Hayley Wickenheiser recently wrote this superb piece in the Players' Tribune about her good friend Steve Montador.

As I wrote earlier I have come to the growing realization as to how much mental illness can impact the outcome of surgical patients.  Every physician, regardless of specialty, needs to support this aspect of patient care


My cochairs George Tory and Tyler Currie have both worked tirelessly to ensure that this event is a success. Watch George learn a little about baseball while Tyler explains the event in a recent interview with Global News


I hope you will consider supporting this great event which runs May 8 and May 9 and consider visiting the link to my personal donation page


Next week’s event promises to be a great event that will allow TEGH to care for this very vulnerable group of patients. 




In addition to the many players shown above, there will be representation from a number of additional local celebrities. 


Join in and support this great event if you can!


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