May 16th 2014

The Role of Urologists in Patient Advocacy

The Role of Urologists in  Patient Advocacy

Entering my 19th year of practice I have looked after many patients and am constantly amazed and humbled by the courage and grace with which they confront a diagnosis.  There is much to learn from our patients.  More than just caring for a man with prostate cancer or a waman who has needed multiple treatments for kidney stones it is our responsibity to ensure that we always are  leading the push to imrpove the treatment paradigm.  This includes ensuring  tests get booked quickly and treatment decison get made accoding to best evidence  It also means taking a lead in  fundrasing, speaking at patient support groups and spending the time to answer a call or an email late in the day no matter how busy the day was.  It is the inherent responsibility of being a physician.  It is the heart of patient advocacy.  


Please go to the current Spring 2014 issue of the American Urological Association periodical Global Connections and turn to page 12 for some further thoughts from me on the imporatnce of patient advocacy:


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