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Why do I see blood in the Urine?  What should I expect as I recover from Surgery?  

There are a number of questions that you may have.  The Canadian Urological Association provides some nice answers to commonly asked questions that you can find here:  

Commonly Asked Questions


Should you be screened for Prostate Cancer?  There is much controversy about the PSA test.   This video  addresses some of these questions.  Prostate Cancer Canada established a nice position paper on the matter of PSA testing and Prostate Cancer detection.   I also made some remarks about Prostate Cancer detection at an community event  in 2012


 Click on this link to listen to Dr Singal answer a few common questions



I am also often asked why physicans should engage on Social media.  It provides a tremendous opportunity to exchange ideas and understand healthcare needs from a variety of different perspectives.    A recent panel on the importance of Social Media was convened at the 2014 Toronto East General Hospital Innovation Fair.  I sat on this panel.  You can view this event here






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