General Urology

As a urologist, Dr. Singal looks after many common urologic problems. Diagnostic evaluation of many conditions may involve diagnostic procedure and test such as cystoscopy, uroflowmetry and urodynamics. Common conditions and procedures:

Benign Prostate Hyerplasia (BPH)

An enlarging prostate is a common, benign condition that develops as men age. Symptoms include slowing of urinary flow, not feeling empty after urination, urinary frequency throughout the day, and awakened at night with a need to urinate. Tools that evaluate urinary symptoms can be found here: IPSS Score

Many effective medications are available to treat BPH. For those men that require something beyond medications a variety of surgical options exist. The gold standard remains the transurethral resection of the prostate. Appropriate treatment of BPH can be discussed both with your family doctor or urologist.



FInd out more about an enlarged prostate and what it means 



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