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Canadians are perhaps the most engaged citizens in the world and rightfully cherish their many public institutions and important charities.  It is part of our fabric in creating an inclusive and just society.  


I have the privilege of sitting as a Director on the  Board of the Toronto East General Hospital Foundation.  Please find out more about this great institution here:


As great as many aspects of our Health Care system  our health is ultimately tied to the health of those around the world. Ensuring that everyone has access to fair, timely and good healthcare should be a human right.  One great Canadian organization has done much to promote this goal.  Find out more about Dignitas International here:


Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember 

As a prostate cancer surgeon I devote much time and energy to promoting those charities that support prostate cancer and Mens' Health.  Physician leadership in fundrasing for diseases for which they are expert is an important component of both patient and disease advocacy.   I wrote about my motivation to actively engage Movember in 2013 in the British Journal of Urology International
The annual Movember Campaign  and the great work of Prostate Cancer Canada are worth supporting.



Bladder Cancer Canada provides a great resource in supprting men and women with this illness.



The learn more about and support Kidney Cancer and the Kidney Foundation please follow these links:


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